• Kit distribution and care.

  • Personal health and hygiene.

  • Confidence and self-worth.

    • Created in His image.

    • Valued and loved.


Since 2013 we have offered twenty classes to over 200 girls and vulnerable women.

In 2016 we launched Desta Girl at the Children's Hopechest Hitata Genet Carepoint outside of Awassa Ethiopia.   Hitata Genet is a rural community with many older girls in the sponsorship program.   The needs for health education are vast and the girls are attentive and receptive.    As we return annually we see strong female leaders determined to make a significant impact on their community, and Desta Girl is excited to play  a small role.   Discussing menstrual hygiene and equipping these young ladies will change generations.    We have delivered over 150 kits to Hitata Genet since the launch of our program and taught six Desta Girl classes. 



Our efforts started at the Children's HopeChest Chapa Carepoint in 2013, where we have been blessed to serve over 50 students and vulnerable women and develop incredible relationships with local leaders. 


Our goal: to have menstrual hygiene kits in the hands of every teen and adult woman in the carepoints that we are serving  by 2020.



In June 2015 Desta Girl began working in cooperation with Ryan and Britany Krause, Sponsorship Coordinators at the Children's HopeChest  Alede Genet Carepoint.   Since that time Desta Girl has delivered over 150 kits the women and girls at Alede Genet.    As we return each year, we have a front row seat to watching lives transform as women and girls become empowered and educated.   We are witnessing the real results of girls being able to remain in school as they are equipped through menstrual hygiene kits and factual health education.  


Desta Girl returns to Alede Genet annually to provide follow up care to our current students and women,  teach new student health and menstrual hygiene classes  and continue to build up our relational model of getting to know the students and women  in our classes by spending quality time with them, visiting their homes and meeting their families.    As relationships deepen and trust forms, lives change. 


  • 1  cloth drawstring bag for transporting her kit to school 

  • ​4 bars of soap for laundering and self care

  • 2 pair of underwear

  • 2 moisture barrier shields to prevent leaking

  • 8 absorbent tri-fold pads for extra coverage, ease of washing and fast drying

  • 1 compact mirror to see that she is beautiful

  • 1 washcloth

  • 2 gallon sized ziploc bags to aid in laundering with little water

  • 1 visual instruction sheet


Since 2013 we have delivered over 350 kits.

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