Desta Girl  began in 2013 as a grass roots effort to bring washable, reusable feminine hygiene products to teen students at the Children's HopeChest Chapa Carepoint in southern Ethiopia. With the sewing skills of over 40 volunteers across the U.S., who dedicated their time and resources to Desta Girl, and the unwavering support of our local church community, we have delivered more than 350 kits to remarkably impoverished and vulnerable girls and women. 

Cheri and Bob Rogers

In July 2010 Bob and Cheri Rogers were in Ethiopia to bring their daughter home. Their eyes were opened to the vast needs, and they realized that they needed to do more.   They were changed by what they saw and experienced, and shortly after arriving home, became introduced to the Children's HopeChest  relational model of coming along side of a community to empower children to survive, thrive and succeed in their home country. 


It is their firm belief that God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.    


Developing relationships within the community is essential for holistic and sustainable transformation.    Relationships with depth are only possible over time, as the Rogers family continues to return to these communities to serve. 


Under the direction of Children's HopeChest, we are continuing to expand the Desta Girl program. With your help we can have kits in the hands of every  teen girl and woman in the Children's Hopechest carepoints that we serve  by 2020 and help expand the Desta  Girl program to other  Children's HopeChest CarePoints throughout Ethiopia , God-willing:


June 2016             Deliver a menstrual hygiene kit to every girl 13 -

                              18 years old (150 kits) in the carepoints that we

                              are serving at the direction of 

                               Children's Hopechest. 


June 2017             Deliver replacement kits to

                              girls and widows and new kits

                              to other women with children

                              (250 kits). Begin helping local

                              leaders teach boys and young

                              men why honor and respect for

                              girls and young women is critical

                               for everyone's success.


 June 2018            Deliver replacement kits and

                              new kits to all women in 

                              the carepoints we are working in.  (500 kits).          

                              Continue supporting local

                              leaders in their education



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